Use of high pressure technologies to induces changes on lysozyme | Alline Tribst | TEDxUnicamp

Este é o maior evento TEDx realizado pela UNICAMP. Os palestrantes são na sua maioria professores e pesquisadores desta universidade e as negociações têm como objetivo descrever a evolução final de suas pesquisas e estudos.

01 de março de 2016

The use of technologies involving application of high pressures for food processing has been studied for several years. Recent researches showed that high isostatic pressure and high pressure homogenization are able to change the activity of enzymes, however, up to now, no research had been dedicated to compare and differentiate the impact of each process on enzymes. This presentation shows the differences of the effect of both technologies applied in similar condition on the enzymatic and antimicrobial activity of lysozyme, highlighting the correlations between muramidase and antimicrobial profile after processing.